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19 February 2014

tGard offers total integration of control and safety and its customisable as standard.

tGard is the new approach tocontrolling access to hazardous machinery and equipment.


It is a compact, metal-bodiedsafety system that enables the configuration of various safety productsincluding electrical safety gate switches (with or without guard locking), mechanicaltrapped key interlocks and electrical operator controls, either as separatedevices or integrated into one device.


Fortress Interlocks offers tGardas a customised product, as standard. It is defined by a range of tGardelements, including safety switches (solenoid and non-solenoid), personnelkeys, emergency release, push buttons, estops, indicator lamps and a choice ofoperating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors. These elements aresimply selected and then assembled into a robust housing, suitable for mountingonto machine guarding, providing the user with an exact configuration specificto the application.


tGard is quick and easy toinstall and can be mounted directly onto a flat surface, doors or extrudedaluminium profiles without the need for mounting plates or brackets. It is IP65as standard and has been designed to be fully compliant with the new machinerysafety standards.


For more information about tGardand its applications, visit the company website at or call+44(0) 1902 349 000.