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Your burning machine safety questions answered

By Admin on 27/10/2014

Following our Yeovil seminar at the Haynes Motor museum we have published the Q&A session for download

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Yeovil event feedback

By Admin on 24/10/2014

With 30 attendees at the Haynes Motor Museum, we had a very good seminar with some excellent questions and feedback

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Imperial War Museum North seminar success

By Admin on 06/09/2014

With over 55 delegates at our recent seminar we had good discussions around machine safety legislation, various technologies, functional safety, and CE marking. 

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Melting pot of machine safety success

By Admin on 21/05/2014

Attendees of the Machinery Safety Alliance at Magna in Sheffield provided some great feedback on the seminar, as well as having the opportunity to watch the old arc furnace spring back into life at lunch time!

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tGard - the New Customisable Safety Product from Fortress Interlocks

By Admin on 19/02/2014

tGard offers total integration of control and safety and its customisable as standard.

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Appetite for safety? Pilz Friday Club

By Admin on 27/09/2013

Come to Pilz House in Corby for breakfast and learn about machine safety

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Manchester event well attended

By Admin on 16/09/2013

We had a full house with over 35 delegates at our machinery safety seminar, held at the Museum of Science and Industry.
We had some great questions and conversations between the presentations.
Here is some of the positive feedback we received from the delegates at the Manchester seminar.      

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ISO 14119 is on the way UPDATE

By Admin on 11/07/2013

The final draft for what will become EN ISO 14119 has being voted upon and concluded. When it is published later this year and harmonised to the Machinery Directive it will replace the older EN 1088 for interlocking devices and their application. There will be an 18 month transition period.

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Making informed choices - Packaging machines

By Admin on 03/07/2013

Knowing what questions to ask your packaging machine supplier can save you post-purchase blues, safety retrofits and unforeseen costs.

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Swindon STEAM event - safely on track!

By Admin on 17/06/2013

Our Swindon "Making sense of safety" seminar was fully attended by 50 people from a mix of machine builders and machine users, from a cross section of industries - paper making, water purification, heat treatment, can making, cardboard manufacturing, metal recycling, cider production, packaging machines, metal surface treatment and nuclear research!

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Machinery Safety Training is a wise investment

By Admin on 15/01/2013

Employees with responsibility for machinery safety - often multi-tasking - are increasingly expected not only to have, but also to prove, competence.

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A unified, sub-systematic approach to safe machine control

By Admin on 11/09/2012

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so the saying goes. It is true in safety related machine controls, where the weakest link is the "subsystem", below which sit various types of device. A structure for such device types may help the planned merger of the current machine safety control standards, EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061.

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HSE’s £124 per hour cost recovery scheme to start in October

By Admin on 05/07/2012

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed that its cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention (FFI), will start on 1 October 2012 subject to Parliamentary approval. The scheme was due to start in April but it is not clear why the date was moved to October and been delayed.

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Manchester Seminar a Success

By Admin on 03/07/2012

On the 27th June the Machinery Safety Alliance ran its second seminar to an audience of over 30 delegates at Manchester Concorde Conference Centre - the seminar included a 40 minute tour underneath and inside the second Concorde produced. Read below for some of the feedback from the delegates.

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Are your safeguards as safe as you think?

By Admin on 01/06/2012

There are many machines fitted with multiple guards monitored in one circuit by series connected safety switches with dual channel wiring; does this sound like one of your machines?  Can any of these guards be opened simultaneously? Your level of safety could actually be less than you expect. Read on to learn about "fault masking" and what you can do about it.

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Inaugural event on 23rd May a success

By Admin on 24/05/2012

With a full audience of over 50, the inaugural "blast off" of the Machinery Safety Alliance ran well. A big thank you to all who attended and participated.

We have received some encouraging feedback, perhaps the best praise was that the seminars provided a good balance of information without being a sales pitch - this is the spirit of our organisation, for other testimonials read on...

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Another myth busted

By Admin on 12/03/2012

Many mistakenly believe that the risk graph in the standard for safety-related parts of control systems,  EN ISO 13849-1 is “risk assessment” – it is not.

Risk assessment starts with the use of the standard “EN ISO 12100:2010 - Safety of machinery - General principles for design. Risk Assessment and Risk reduction.” 

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Guidance from HSE on modification and refurbishment of machines

By David Collier on 01/03/2012

Re-CE-marking of machines is deemed necessary where a "substantial change" has been made to an existing machine. What is a "substantial change"?

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HSE Fee For Intervention Scheme is coming

By Admin on 21/02/2012

From as early as the 6th April they will charge £124 for each hour of work where they identify a ‘material breach’, in what is being labelled a Fee For Intervention, or FFI.

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By Admin on 01/02/2012

Our seminar venues are chosen purposefully to provide you with free access to interesting exhibitions housed in exploration, Concorde and science!

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HSL to present at our seminars this year

By Admin on 31/01/2012

UK Health and Safety Laboratory, an agency of the HSE, will open and present at each Alliance seminar in 2012 - adding the perspective of the agency responsible for enforcing UK law on machine safety

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Basic introduction to legislation affecting machines in UK

By David Collier on 26/01/2012

Machine safety is enshrined the in the European Machinery Directive and Amended Use of Work Equipment Directive. We explain how this filters down into the UK, and who is responsible for what.

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Launch of Machinery Safety Alliance

By David Collier on 16/12/2011

2012 Launch of the Machinery Safety Alliance

Mission: to make sense of safety, to safeguard productivity through education

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