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Troax are leading manufacturers of machine safety mesh panel systems.   Troax is represented in 26 countries, and is able to deliver a unique and flexible range of Rapid Fix, Smart Fix and Safe Lock post, panel and door solutions from stock.  All our components comply with the current Machinery Directive.

Troax mesh panel design complies with European Norms for maintaining a safe distance of at least 120mm. The frames are made with a profile in the horizontal tubes; all vertical andhorizontal wires are welded to the panel frame, creating a stable fixing and a strong structure. The standard grey colour creates the best conditions for a good view over the safety zone. Other colours or finishes are available to suit your specific application. Troax also offer both polycarbonate and full steel systems to suit.

Smart Fix has many unique properties.  The panel fixing can be adjusted to compensate for uneven floors. The angle of the corner bracket can easily be adjusted on installation and are universal which means the same posts can be used for several Troax systems.  Smart Fix components are held captive in the guard even when the system is disassembled, fulfilling current requirements and standards for guarding.  

Rapid Fix is a system that has a space saving design which enables you to access the machine area quickly and easily using a single tool.  Rapid Fix is equipped with a 2-point fixing with click function, which means you can install the panel again and again with a control tool.  The system savesvaluable space and can be installed as close as 120mm from the risk zone.

Hinged Doors, Double Hinged Doors, Linear Sliding & Telescopic Sliding doors with various locking options are supplied pre-assembled or in component form.

Safelocks range from a low level safety level 2 x 3 to the Safe Lock 4 x 4i which meets the highest requirements for security.  All Safe Locks can be secured in the open position using a padlock while maintenance is being performed on the machine.  All options fit our hinged and sliding doors.  

Troax has its own research and development department which continually works to optimise our products and system solutions.  All test results are carefully documented and aremade available to customers. Impact tests are carried out at up to 1600 joules in order to both guarantee function and maintain our globally renowned quality reputation.  

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