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Fortress offers an unrivalled safety interlock portfolio, including Trapped Key systems, solenoid and non solenoid guard switches and modular control devices. Our products guarantee that actions and events are undertaken in a pre-determined sequence ensuring a safe working environment.

Fortress Interlocks design and manufacture safety interlock systems for access and control of dangerous machines or hazardous processes.  Fortress offer an unrivalled portfolio of products which are suitable for applications across a wide industrial base from power generation and distribution, steel, automotive, recycling, building materials, through safeguarding robots, palletisers and automated production lines.  Fortress provide innovative products from three ranges, amGardpro, mGard and tGard.  By its unique design concept, amGardpro offers a range of safety guard switches which can incorporate additional functionality such as push buttons, operator safety keys and emergency release, all designed for strength and reliability in hazardous operating conditions.  New, innovative products in the amGardpro range will be launched in 2014.

mGard is the premier range of modular trapped key interlocks designed for heavy duty machine guarding applications.  The technology is referred to as “Trapped Key” as it works by releasing and trapping keys in  a predetermined sequence and can therefore be used to guarantee safe access to dangerous machines only when all power sources have been isolated.  Available in the mGard range are power and control isolation products, key exchange systems and mechanical door locks.

tGard offers total integration of control and safety.  This is Fortress' brand new product that is customisable as standard.  Its unique design allows the configuration of safety gate switches, trapped key interlocks and machine control stations or any configuration of all three.  tGard elements are housed in a metal body to create a simple and robust safety system.


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2 Inverclyde Drive
West Midlands
Tel: 01902 349000
Fax: 01902 349090
Contact Details Phill Carroll
UK Sales Manager