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Festo is a leading worldwide supplier of automation technology and a performance leader in industrial training and education programs. As a leader in our field we support and supply a wide range of innovative automation solutions for a variety of industries. These include food & beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, water, automotive and electronics.

Festo can provide and support you with a wide range of engineering products and services to ensure that you have a safe solution to bring to market.  We have over 40 years of experience and expertise to support you from your initial design, through to a final engineered solution.   Our range of products include pneumatic valves, valve terminals, sensors, vision and control systems, compressed air preparation, pneumatic and electric handling solutions.

Festo offers training, technical support and products specifically designed with safety in mind.  Our range of safety orientated products include:

Valves: ISO valves with switching position sensing, ISO valves for lifting & rotary cylinders, ISO valves for pneumatic manual clamping, soft start & quick exhaust valves, Control block two hand start valve.  Stop valve, tamper proof flow control valve.

Valve terminals: ISO valve terminal for press actuation, pressure zones for valve terminals, IP65/67 class.

Cylinders: With clamping units, separate clamping units and end position locking.

Compressed air preparation:  Soft start/quick exhaust valves, shut off valves, lock out valves, on-offvalves with piston position sensing, safety silencers, dual pressure regulators.

Systems solutions for Safety engineering: Completevalve manifold block for reliable exhausting of system parts and forreversing movements.

Electric drives safety features

SS1 (Safe Stop 1) and  STO (safetorque off) built into all servo drive ranges as standard, additionaldevelopments include redundant encoder, mechanical linear brake and externalsafety module for additional functions like safe speed, safe distance, safe torque etc.

Additional help on safety

Download -  Festo Safety engineering guidelines - Pneumatic & electric solutions

Pneumatic Safety for Design Engineers course

Machinery Directive - One day orientation event


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