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We are a unique collective in the UK, each member contributing specialized knowledge from its field of technology and expertise, to provide you with an all-encompassing, state-of-the-art view of machinery safety.

Our seminars contain presentations from the Machinery Safety Alliance members, and an interactive session when delegates can get involved in an exercise to  determine a safe solution for guarding a machine. There is a break-out exhibition at which there is the opportunity to "ask the experts" with an after lunch Q&A session.

 2017 dates:


Thank you for your continued interest the Machinery Safety Alliance.
We are currently working on some changes to the format of our seminars for 2017. We will be introducing a more inclusive and interactive element to enhance the presentations. We will, of course still focus on all the latest regulations and updates to the key issues of machinery safety.
Full listing of 2017 seminar dates and booking details will be posted here as soon as we have completed the reconfiguration of the programme.......

The first of the 2017 seminars will be on;

 Wednesday 22nd March, at  Festo -  Applied Automation Centre in Northampton....

click on the seminar date below to find out more and book your place


> HSE guidance on work equipment and machinery

Directive / Regulation for supply of safe machines:

> Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC: sets out essential health and safety requirements (EHSRs), routes to CE-marking, machine categories etc affecting persons placing machines on the European market on their own behalf

>  Guide to the application of the Machinery Directive

> The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regs affecting those building and placing machines on the market in the UK (UK National Law implementing the essential health and safety requirements of the of the Machinery Directive)

Directive / Regulation for safe use of machines:

> Use of Work Equipment Directive, 2009/104/EEC: employers shall take the necessary measures to ensure that work equipment made available to workers is suitable for the work, without impairment to their safety or health

> PUWER 98 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regs) affecting end users (UK National Law implementation of the Amended Use of Work Equipment Directive)


Standards, unlike Directives, are not mandatory - however - use of standards which are harmonised to the Directives provides "presumption of conformity".

Complete list of Harmonised Standards is found on the Official Journal

European Standards harmonised to the Machinery Directive such as

> EN ISO 12100:2010 for risk assessment / reduction

> EN ISO 13849-1 / EN 62061 for safety related controls
> EN ISO 13855 & EN ISO 13857 safe distances

>Various C-standards for specific machines e.g. EN 415 packaging machines



Feedback from our September 2015 event

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Your burning machine safety questions answered
Following our Yeovil seminar at the Haynes Motor museum we have published the Q&A session for download

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Yeovil event feedback
With 30 attendees at the Haynes Motor Museum, we had a very good seminar with some excellent questions and feedback

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Imperial War Museum North seminar success
With over 55 delegates at our recent seminar we had good discussions around machine safety legislation, various technologies, functional safety, and CE marking. 

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Melting pot of machine safety success
Attendees of the Machinery Safety Alliance at Magna in Sheffield provided some great feedback on the seminar, as well as having the opportunity to watch the old arc furnace spring back into life at lunch time!

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